TK/K/1/2 DHH Walking Fieldtrip to the Supermarket

April 10, 2018 @ 8:30 am – 10:30 am

CEC awarded Sid Shapiro grant money for CBI (community based instruction) fieldtrips

TK/K/1/2 DHH students will walk to the grocery store onApril 10th and April 24th

April 10th: Buy fruits and veggies and healthy snack time foods.  Then after thelessons about the fruit (color, size, shape, is it a fruit or a veggie, etc.),  the kids would go home with the fresh food for them to eat at home.

April 24th: Purchase healthy snacks, candy, post-it notes, etc.and make Thank You or We Appreciate You bags for the localfirefighters, and then deliver them in person (that would be April 26th-ish,depending on when the bags are all finished).  The students could practicetheir counting skills (3 cereal bars, 5 chocolate kisses, 2 post-it notes perbag), writing skills (the thank you notes in the treat bags), and communicationskills (thanking the firefighters for their bravery and service in person).

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